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Bowling lanes have been configured to support 6 feet of social distancing. All bowling balls and shoes will also be sanitized between each use.

Escape rooms

Our escape games have always been fully private, something we’re proud to offer and something which separates us from the ‘shared experiences’ of our competitors.


Balls and shoes are being thoroughly sanitized and guests will be provided with disinfecting wipes and/or spray, as needed. 


Every lane will be provided with its own set of Sanitized bowling balls 


Shoes will continue to be sanitized after each use with high-impact disinfectant spray.

Baskets will be provided to lanes to put bowling shoes into when completed and left at the lane.


Hand sanitizer will be available for all guests to use and will be checked and replenished routinely.


We will regularly clean and sanitize guest touchpoints and surfaces.


All staff will be temperature checked prior to beginning their shifts and wear personal protective equipment and adhere to social distancing guidelines.


Disposable menus will be provided for those seeking food and beverage options.


Center capacity will be monitored closely to ensure an appropriate number of guests are in the center at any one time.


Reservations for lanes are encouraged to be booked over the phone or online.

All guests will be required to wear masks when not at their assigned bowling lane

play smart, play safe