Kids Birthday Parties

Party Kids



  • 2 Pitchers of Soda

  • 1 Family Cheese Pizza


  • Signature Pin

$75 Per Lane

Kids Birthday Parties

Children's Party Add-Ons

Chicken Tender Platter
(30 Tenders)

Seasonal Fruit Platter

French Fry Platter

Additional Pizza Toppings
- Sausage
- Pepperoni





Trays and Platters Serve Approximately 20 people

Escape Room Party.png
Planning Tips

  • What if I'm not absolutely, positively sure about my party's final headcount?

    We get it: party guests don't always RSVP ASAP. And that's totally okay—just give us your best estimate for now. You'll be able to lower your headcount up to 5 days prior to your event—and don't forget, you can add to your headcount up until the day of your party! (Additions are based on lane availability.) Want more info? For full terms and conditions, just reference our online booking terms

  • How many people are assigned to each lane? A maximum of 6 people may be assigned to a single lane. To determine how many lanes you'll need, just divide the total number of guests by 6 (and remember to add an extra lane for any remaining guests). So, for example, if you have between 7-12 people in your party, you will receive 2 lanes for your event.

  • ​Need to cancel? That's fine—we just need some lead time. You can cancel your event up to 10 days before the date of the event for a full refund. Unfortunately, if you cancel your event less than 10 days before the event date, we are unable to cancel your reservation or issue a refund. To find out more, visit our online booking terms to view our full terms and conditions.


There are no refunds on cancelations or no shows of any reservations within 48 hours of the event. There are also no refunds on events or reservations if fewer people show up than the original count. 

All Pricing, Specials,Promotions, and Hours of Operation subject to change WITHOUT notice at the Discretion of the Orland Bowl INC. Management Team