(Candle Light Bowling)

Fried Chicken

Italian Beef




Macaroni Salad

Chocolate Cake


3 Hours of bowling and shoe rental


 Per Person

What Does It Entail?

  • Simple! Pick a date, then talk to the manager about your event. From  regular bowling,
    nine-pin-no-tap, to Crazy Bowl; we’ll help you choose the right format.

  • Fun! When everyone participates, everyone has a ball together.

  • Easy! We set up. We clean up. You show up-and knock ‘Em down.

  • All Inclusive! From kids to seniors, small teams to large groups bowling is a hit for all.

  • Worry-Free! With no risky overhead, and no bad-weather worries, your fundraiser’s a   winner every time.

  • Minimum of 60 People required

  • Maximum of 300 people with (6) bowlers per lane

How Does It Work?

  • Orland Bowl Charges you a discounted rate for each person, which includes 3 hours of bowling and food.

  • Then, you determine the price for each participant based on your fundraising goals. Assign 5 to 6 participants to each lane.

  • Subtract the discounted fees from your total participant fees, and your organization keeps the difference!

Fundraiser Example

You Charge each participant

$35 (x6 per lane)

Discounted Person Fee ($20)*

You Make (per lane)


If you fill 10 lanes you'll make $900. Set your prices and fill as many lanes as you need to reach your fundraising goal

*Price may vary and subject to change without notice. Please speak with a manager for more details and pricing

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All Pricing, Specials,Promotions, and Hours of Operation subject to change WITHOUT notice at the Discretion of the Orland Bowl INC. Management Team