Before the opening of Orland Bowl on August 5th 1978, the Halleran’s started out with a bar. The bar was located at 1136 West 79th Street, in Chicago just east of Racine Ave. They then expanded their business into the first Halleran’s banquet hall located off 95th St in Evergreen Park back in 1960 next to Evergreen Bowl. Unbeknownst to them they opened their second banquet hall next to another bowling alley. This was Arena Bowl off of 103rd and Cicero in 1965

With their commitment to service above all, they were the first of their kind in the banquet business to start an all you can eat and drink package for 1 price in the city of Chicago. Before hand it was difficult to determine a pricing as it was a per plate, per bottle of alcohol opened, or case of beer opened. This caused many disputes over what the event thought they had, and what the establishment served.

As the years went by they bought land here in Orland Park, IL in 1974 with the intent to build another banquet facility. Without the demand for banquets they built the bowling alley with 32 lanes to start. Lanes 19-50 are the original 32 lanes they started out with. The building was always built with the intent to expand and they did so in 1983 adding the other 18 lanes.

There were times when the boys were still in college, coming to help build and open the bowling alley. Dennis recalls a time when him and his friends were called by their father to come and shovel snow off of the roof.

Michael, Timmy, and Dennis are the current owners of Orland Bowl and the sons of , Mike Halleran and nephews of Eugene Halleran. Both their father and uncle were the original owners of the bowling alley, banquet halls, and bar.

With the introduction of scholarship money for youth bowlers, Orland Bowl has been adding money into a scholarship fund for students. They are currently the number 1 contributor in Illinois to add scholarship money into the youth programs, out of any bowling center. There has been over $225,000 in funds put into the program.